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What an exciting time to be a buyer! Never has there been a time when there is so much to choose from, amazing prices, and historically low interest rates. Let me help take the fear out of buying a home.

One common concern is whether home prices have hit bottom. Timing the bottom just as in the stock market is impossible. By the time experts have called the bottom, prices are already going back up. Prices may drop a little more, but if interest rates rise, a buyer's buying power will be significantly reduced. Real Estate is still a great investment. You have to pay to live somewhere, so why not be paying toward acquiring your own asset, instead of renting and paying someone else's mortgage! There are tax benefits to owning a home and the joy of deciding what YOU want to do with the home.

You always need to buy with resale in mind. What may not be important to you very well could be of major importance to a majority of buyers in the future. You will want to buy a home that meets your needs and one that will find a ready market when it comes time to resell. The need to resell can occur at any time. This is especially true of first time buyers.

Protect yourself at the outset and purchase with a professional, full-time agent! I will help you decide whether to pursue a traditional home for sale or whether a short sale or REO property is for you.

Not only will I help you ensure the value of the home you are buying and its potential for resale, I will guide you thru possible pitfalls during the process. The following are critical steps in purchasing a home:

1. Get preapproved by an experienced and reputable lender. It is extremely important to find someone who will deliver what is promised, and ensure a timely closing. Get preapproved locally, not with an internet lender.

2. I will help you find a home, and determine its value by doing a market analysis for the property. We will then write an offer and I will negotiate it for you.

3. After you have an accepted offer, you will want to have an inspection of the home. This is critical. Besides having a general inspection, depending on the age of the home, location etc., I will advise you as to whether you need additional inspections for example, sewer scoping, radon, oil tank locate, etc. A seller won't necessarily know if there used to be an oil tank on the property and whether it has ever been decommissioned, or whether his sewer is on a party line, or whether the home has LP siding.

4. Once inspections are completed, I will negotiate repairs for you with the seller. This could be actual repairs, a credit on the price, or a combination of the two

5. If there are any appraisal issues, I will help you negotiate the difference or successfully get you out of the deal.

6. I will work with your lender to ensure a timely closing.

7. I will dedicate myself to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible.

Our relationship does not end after the transaction closes. I will be available to give you a list of service providers from repair service to lawn care specialists should the need arise. Please check out my client testimonials and watch my YouTube video to hear from clients.
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